Siemens WT46G491GB (EX-DISPLAY)

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  • ColourWhite
  • Manufacturer Guarantee1 year
Plug and Dry
This freestanding tumble dryer in white uses condenser technology to give you perfectly dry clothes. A vented tumble dryer would need to be placed near a window or have a vent built into the wall – but not the WT46G491GB. Instead, water vapour is condensed and stored in the machine’s high-level container. This means the dryer can be put anywhere in the house – all it needs is a plug socket nearby.

Intelligent Drying
Using AutoDry sensors, the WT46G491GB can detect your clothes’ dryness, and stop the cycle at just the right moment. This saves energy, water, and money off of your bills. The unit also comes with a drying programme for functional textiles, such as sportswear or outdoor clothing.

Its range of programmes means you can dry all of your fabrics with the care they need – all at the press of a button. Programmes include:

Easy Care
Mixed Fabrics
Rapid 40 minute cycle
Shirts 15
Timed Programme Warm
Timed Programme Cool
Easy to Use
Siemens’ WT46G491GB has a range of great features for ease of use. The ReLoad function means that you can go back and add more items of clothing, even after the cycle has started.

A large LED display can be found on the front of the machine, showing how much longer your laundry will take to dry. Choose from any of the WT46G491GB’s fantastic programmes and the display will keep track of its progress. And, using the handy 24-hour delay feature, you can even set a time for your drying cycle to begin.

A built-in drum light also gives you a better look at what’s inside the dryer. There’s even a child lock to stop little wandering hands, and an easyClean filter system.

Bringing together large capacity, a wide range of programmes and smart drying technology, the Siemens extraKlasse WT46G491GB covers all your drying needs. Order today.
Product Type: Condenser Tumble Dryer

Ventilation: Condensation efficiency class B

Energy Efficiency Class:n B

Installation Type: Freestanding

Load Capacity (kg): 9 kg

Drying Technology: Sensor Dry

Control Type: Dial

Child Lock: Yes

Noise Level (dB): 65 dB (A) re 1 pW

Time Delay: Yes

Height: 84.2 cm

Colour: White

Width: 59.8 cm

Depth: 59.9 cm

Weight: 42.0 kg
More Information
Manufacturer Siemens
Colour White
Model Number WT46G491EX
Description2 Product Type: Condenser Tumble Dryer<br/><br/>Ventilation: Condensation efficiency class B<br/><br/>Energy Efficiency Class:n B<br/><br/>Installation Type: Freestanding<br/><br/>Load Capacity (kg): 9 kg<br/><br/>Drying Technology: Sensor Dry<br/><br/>Control Type: Dial<br/><br/>Child Lock: Yes<br/><br/>Noise Level (dB): 65 dB (A) re 1 pW<br/><br/>Time Delay: Yes<br/><br/>Height: 84.2 cm<br/><br/>Colour: White<br/><br/>Width: 59.8 cm<br/><br/>Depth: 59.9 cm<br/><br/>Weight: 42.0 kg
Siemens WT46G491GB (EX-DISPLAY)

Siemens WT46G491GB (EX-DISPLAY)